Screenwriter. Author. Producer.

Mo had always been drawn to the great unknown of space. Something bigger, stranger. Science Fiction grabbed her attention and never let go. After watching The Twilight Zone episode, "I Shot an Arrow into the Air". The characters' tempers and anxiety flares knowing they have landed on what they believe to be a foreign planet and the stakes of survival are at an all time high, she knew that was her world from that time on.
She had caught the bug and wanted to write stories in a similar vein. So it began, story after story. Binders and binders full. The more she wrote, the more she watched. But through all of this, something more unnerving struck her. She didn't see many characters that looked like her. Well, some, but maybe too few. Storm. Elisa and Angela from Gargoyles. Nichelle. Billy Dee.

As a burgeoning fantasy screenwriter of color, she wondered, who the hell was she writing these for? A show focused on a brown female hero in Sci-Fi seemed more outlandish than the actual story. 

Finding her voice through autobiographical terms of anxiety and fear, bravery and apprehension, she began to write short stories and screenplays. Acting out all dialogue within earshot of roommates and significant others. Pulling from personal demons, her works are seasoned with Comedy, Horror and Sci-Fi, however this writer claims there is no set genre.

“I want to create art for the marginalized hearts whose stories on screen and page sell them short.  I hope to inspire others to write their truth and their stories. To inspire you to point at the screen and relate. A feeling I never really had, which I suppose is lucky.  I carry a torch with so many others now, with the same dreams and objective.
Lofty aspirations for a little girl from New York who fell in love with space.”

-Mo Moshaty